5 Stories that is unbelievable of World’s Greatest Womanizers

5 Stories that is unbelievable of World’s Greatest Womanizers

1 The Communist dictator rumored to have bedded 35,000 females

You have thought a pop music actor or star would top our directory of the whole world’s best womanizers, however you could be incorrect. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has supposedly slept with 35,000 ladies over his life time. Based on one ex-Castro official, he was with at the least two ladies a time for longer than four years, one for meal, one for dinner and quite often he also ordered one for morning meal.

Although the precise total might take question, Castro’s partners positively range within the thousands. Whenever Ann Louise Bardach asked him exactly exactly exactly how children that are many had for the 1993 Vanity Fair article, Castro responded, “almost a tribe.” During research on her book, Without Fidel, Bardach discovered of their strong allure to your sex that is opposite the years pre and post the 1959 revolution. Media reports describe feminine fans swooning after he arrived triumphantly in Havana and during very very early trips towards the US.

Bardach explained Castro views russian brides dating website intercourse as an entitlement and stated, “I could never ever commence to reveal to him the why plus the how of this Monica Lewinksy–Clinton scandal. He had been certainly baffled as to the reasons having a lot of girlfriends might be a liability that is political. I do believe for him being a mujeriego, or womanizer, as a Latin man ended up being linked to governmental energy.”

2 The NBA superstar whom claims to own slept with 20,000 women

A view From Above NBA basketball superstar Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have slept with 20,000 different women in his life in his 1991 book.

A bashful and teenager that is insecure a grown-up Wilt had been a confident grab artist. Some remember him as charming and respectful, although some remember him to be rude and sexist.

Exactly exactly How did Wilt figure the true number at 20,000?