Can a 16-year-old girl be described as a Cougar? Asks this new York Circumstances

Can a 16-year-old girl be described as a Cougar? Asks this new York Circumstances

Can there be a word that is g-rated hideous and nasty to ladies compared to the word “cougar”? What about once we put it on to 16-year-old girls?

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Will there be A g-rated term more hideous and nasty to females compared to the word “cougar”? Wait, that is rhetorical. But, really. Cougars: they truly are big kitties. They may not be women of every kind. They are not, particularly, ladies who deign up to now younger guys, for reasons uknown, and so are therefore viewed as preying them apart (emotionally, physically, sexually, whatever) with their vicious metaphorical sharp teeth and claws on them and/or tearing.

The dual standard is apparent. Males have christian cupid probemonat actually dated more youthful females for some of historic time, and we also’ve never ever much judged them for doing therefore (until, often, one man that is such someone therefore really young as to find out they may be “robbing the cradle,” generally speaking with increased of a high-five mindset than censure). However when ladies date a bit, or a great deal, more youthful than their very own age, the following rational action would be to label all of them with a nasty title.

To utilize the term “cougar” to a lady someone that is dating than by by herself is gross, in a espeially bro-tastic kind of means. It is grosser nevertheless whenever we utilize that word to utilize to girls that are 16-year-old. This is exactly why Jennifer Conlin’s type part piece within the ny circumstances is really so upsetting, though I am sure she—a mom—didn’t suggest to belittle her daughter that is own with expression. Possibly it had been thought by her had been “sweet”? But that is a problem that is semantic “Cougar” is becoming such a typical term (see Cougar Town) that people forget that it is really variety of offensive. Conlin’s piece, about senior school girls planning to prom with more youthful dudes, is sweet.