In the web Site Builder you grow your website framework, navigation and company

In the web Site Builder you grow your website framework, navigation and company

Utilize the web web site builder to produce several web web web Sites. Include groups and subcategories every single web web site. Organize spaces, blogs and links into groups.

With this web web web page:

Site Qualities in a nutshell

  • web Sites could be sites that are full Single Space Web web Sites
  • Groups and subcategories may be dropped and dragged into a website.
  • Areas could be dragged and fallen as a category or subcategory.
  • A category and a niche site may be dragged up to a position that is new their particular menus.
  • A subcategory could be dragged to some other subcategory or category. Subcategories could be dragged to a different place inside the category that is same.
  • You can easily pick numerous areas at the same time and drag them up to a brand new place or category.
  • Uncategorized areas may be filtered centered on their title, which makes it without headaches to obtain the proper room.
  • Hyper hyper Links may be added and created to groups or subcategories.
  • Themes can be put into the Site that is global independently to internet internet web Sites, Categories, Subcategories and Single Space Sites.

Comprehensive Web Site and Solitary Area Web Site

Complete web web site, is considered the most typical option, and lets you fit down a complete web site with areas, groups and theming on a niche site. a space that is single is for people who want a stand alone site that sits within a place. You can set a style in one area web web Site, and keep consitently the remainder of Confluence since the default Confluence.

Arrange your web web sites – reorder web internet web sites

You can reorder your sites when you are on RefinedTheme 6.1 or higher. Head to Site Builder > Look above your website tree for the Reorder key.

Drag-and-drop sites to prepare them.

The international website is definitely at the very best and can not be order any kind of means.

Category Kinds

Add groups to your Site or web web Sites. A Category can be added by you module, a we we Blog module or an HTML module to a category and also this will show into the category drop straight down menu. The Category Module is one of widely used along with it you are able to arrange areas into that category.

To produce a category simply press the Add Category switch in a website part. From here determine for a Category Module to create. Find out more about just how to include groups to your web site builder below.

The type that is same of can be obtained whenever configuring the website Builder.

Description obtainable in theme variation

Category Module

By standard a person is only going to have authorization to experience a category if it has viewable content for that individual. You will discover extra information on the Category menu therefore the category authorization system under web web Site Builder.

Can contain links, areas, blog sites and sub-categories.

Category Module parameters


The title associated with the category.

Name key

A category key is a version that is short of title. It should be globally unique.


The backdrop template associated with category. Every category might have templates that are different enhance the company and navigation associated with content in your wiki.

3.0 Customized Logo an icon can be added by you up to a category. The category logo design may be exhibited as opposed to the worldwide logo design. The category logo design is related towards the category dashboard. Supported image platforms: .png, .jpg and .gif. 3.0

Custom URL

It is possible to aim a category right to a custom URL. E.g. up to a space that is single this category. Observe that the this may website builders experts discount overr />
Open in a unique screen
verify that you would like your connect to start in a browser window that is new.

if you’re pointing a category straight to a room the category shall be noticeable for many users who possess view permissions for that space. If you should be pointing the category to an external URL you can make use of the authorization levels; logged in users, teams and anonymous users.

A typical example of a outside website link

Category Admins look for and add users as Category Admins. Along with constantly seeing the category, these users have the ability to modify the category dashboard and manage users connected to the category. They will nonetheless, just see content within the category they have view permissions for. 4.2 View authorization Displays the view authorization status because of this category. Default is “This category will soon be noticeable to users which have view authorization to virtually any content (room, website link or module) included with this category.” If handbook category authorization is employed it is possible to set permission here into the way that is same would for a custom URL. 5.0.0 Tooltip

include a tooltip this is certainly shown on hover for the category.

We We We Blog Module

Utilized to show weblog posts from configured sources.

We we Blog Module parameters


The title associated with category.

Name key

A category key is a version that is short of title. It must be globally unique.

Customized Logo You can truly add an symbol to a category. The category logo design will likely be presented rather than the international logo design. The category logo design is related into the category dashboard. Supported image platforms: .png, .jpg and .gif. 6.0 View authorization Unlike the Category module, you usually have to specify authorization amounts for weblog modules. This really is only for the module, all containing blogs is going to be shown in accordance with their view permissions. If a user is permitted to start to see the module it self, she or he will just see blogs with view authorization for the reason that module. 6.0 Tooltip

include a tooltip this is certainly shown on hover when it comes to category.


amount of blogposts Maximum wide range of blogposts to produce (up to 10). Standard is 5 6.0 Search spaces Manually specify what spaces to produce blog sites from. 6.0 All Blogs Show websites from all blog sites. What this means is both spaces that are regular web log areas. 6.0 From we we Blog Portal Fetch websites through the weblog portal. 6.0