‘They Phone Me Personally Slutty Lola’. Edited by DAVID ROSE

‘They Phone Me Personally Slutty Lola’. Edited by DAVID ROSE

When we share a shower together i need to require putting on verruca socks. Girl, 36, nevertheless reeling from the college swimming event in 1975 (6 months of cushioned plasters is not simple to conquer). Box no. 3186.

We’ll see you during the LRB singles evening. I will be the only respiration heavily and stroking my legs by the ‘art’ books. Asthmatic, varicosed F (93) seeks M to 30 with sufficient puff me uphill to the post office in him to push. This isn’t a euphemism. Box no. 4632.

Mature gentleman (62), aged well, noble grey appears, healthy and active, sound head and unfazed because of the fickle demands of society seeks . damn it, i must pee once again. Box no. 4143.

These ads take to way too hard to be funny. Perhaps maybe maybe perhaps Not me personally, i am a normal. Juggling, monkey-faced idiot (M, 36). Box no. 5312.

Toilet duties. This is where you are available in – buxom, 22-year-old, blond label perhaps maybe maybe not bashful of adjusting the medical stockings of 73-year-old misanthrope with poor bladder control. Failing that, just deliver care-home brochures to box no. 0278.

Join me personally for sit-ups in Dairy-Free week! M, 42, big-boned. Box no. 6421.

Hoxton salad-dodger (42 – my age and my waistline; M – my intercourse maybe perhaps not my layer size, that’s strictly XL) WLTM LRB chubster with an intention in red meat and mustardy dressings. Totally totally totally totally Free very first Tuesday of each thirty days, Slimmer’s World every Wednesday. Box no. 1275.

My animal interests would satisfy any girl, if perhaps it were not for the filibustering of the colon that is damned. Together with chafing among these infernal medical center sheets. Write now to M, 83, for ward viewing hours and a list of authorized solids. Box no. 2377.

I will be the event that is literary or at the least the many entertaining drunk to my ward.