Syrian ladies humiliated and tortured in Assad regime prisons

Syrian ladies humiliated and tortured in Assad regime prisons

Huge number of Syrian ladies are considered to be incarcerated when you look at the Assad regime’s prisons. Little is well known about their fate, but people who have the ability to escape inform tales of horror. DW’s Julia Hahn reports.


Torture in Syrian prisons

Syrian refugee recounts ordeal of torture

Muna Muhammad recalls every small information. The stench into the cells, the pain sensation, her torturers. “He pulled a plastic that is black over my mind and then he hung me through the ceiling, mind down,” the 30-year-old states. The memory still haunts her. The guard stated he had been planning to leave her hanging through the ceiling until all her thoughts that are”evil in this case,” she recalls.

Muna had been a music instructor before she was arrested in 2012 for taking part in protests against President Bashar Assad in Deir ez-Zor. She was launched, then rearrested and taken fully to the infamous Military Intelligence Branch 215 facility in Damascus — inmates call it “hell branch” because torture is really an occurrence that is daily.

1 day, her torturer turned up with a stun weapon. “He said, ‘Muna, where can be your heart?'” she recalls. “I pointed inside my heart, and that is where he zapped me personally.”

Locked away

For months, Muna ended up being locked up in solitary confinement or loaded as well as other inmates. “One they interrogated a 16-year-old,” she says day. “I heard her scream. It absolutely was so noisy. I was thinking they have to be killing her.”

Lots of women had been sexually abused, Muna states, including if she didn’t confess that she also faced the threat of rape.

Muna Muhammad fled to Turkey in 2016

Hygiene conditions during the jail were a tragedy, says Muna, explaining that the inmates are not always permitted access to toilets or showers.